Construction Underway: Rush Copley Parking Garage

Construction Underway: Rush Copley Parking Garage

Construction is underway for the 4 story Rush Copley Medial Center Parking Garage Addition. Thanks to Triathlon® Battery Solutions, our new Forklift Truck Batteries will help us speed up the construction for this project. At this rate, thanks to the great batteries and work from the construction workers,  the Rush Copley Medical Center Parking Garage Addition will gain occupancy from the city, and the hospital employees are happy to have the expanded garage to park in now.

Furthermore, this project consists of the phased horizontal expansion of a 4 level structural precast parking garage. For a wide selection of perfect and high quality commercial garage door services aurora il, call 630-357-5261. The existing parking garage was 151,274 Square feet with 486 parking stalls, the new addition expands the parking garage by 89,937 square feet and adds 209 parking stalls. Close coordination of subcontractors, site deliveries and coordination with the owner’s use of the 24/7 loading dock were essential to the project’s success.

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