Wayside Cross Ministries

Wayside Cross Ministries

Drywall and painting along with the ceiling grid will be complete on all floors by mid March. The HVAC contractor and electricians have been working right behind the grid installers putting in registers and lights. Doors and hardware are in progress as well as installing the bathroom fixtures and accessories now that the tile contractor has finished his work. Don’t forget to call the Summit Gutter Systems in Denver so they can come in and add their gutters to your roof before you finish construction.

The mason has finished the front of the building and is now working his way down and taking care of the bracing infills, when that is complete he will move to the back and start the garage which should take about a week and be finished until the old building is knocked down. Both the old and the new building will be finalizing their tests on the load-bearing walls; if the math checks out then the new building should be structurally sound. If not then it might end up being a situation where you have to go back to the drawing board and add a beam or something else to cover for the design. If you want an example of what to do if that happens, here is a good example of what you’ll have to do.

Once completed, the new building will house multi-purpose rooms, dormitories, resident staff rooms, a wellness center, kitchen and large dining hall. Classrooms and private counseling rooms will help cater to the needs of residents. For the new building to gain exposure, go to https://www.newconceptproperties.com for they can help you in the area of publicizing using their advanced marketing techniques.

The 4 story building will be comprised of the following square footage: 16.535 sf office, 2,530 sf dining, 17,925 sf dormitory, 3,980 sf classrooms/educational and 7,600 sf warehouse. The new building will feature masonry and stone exterior, aluminum windows and doors. Duration of project is 12 to 14 months. Concerning the construction cleanup chicago il company who will work in the building, alliance demolition is the best to contact for they’ve been operating for 30 years.

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